What Customers are Saying


"Never heard the song played in such an expressive way"

Caroline S.

I discovered Jeremy on YouTube when I was searching for the perfect music for my wedding ceremony. I was blown away when I listened to Jeremy's gorgeous piano arrangement of a beloved song from my fiance's childhood. I remember being moved to tears; I had never heard the song played in such a deeply expressive way. I reached out to Jeremy and asked if I could purchase the corresponding sheet music. Unfortunately, no written score existed because he had come up with the entire arrangement by ear, but Jeremy offered to create one just for us! He worked so quickly and produced an absolutely terrific score which will be played our wedding this November. He even included a special dedication in honor of our new life together. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jeremy. I have utmost admiration for all that he has accomplished in his young career, especially given the physical obstacles he overcomes every day. What is even more impressive than his talent is Jeremy's genuine kindness and lovely character which overflows into his artistry. Thank you Jeremy, for sharing in the joy of this special season of our lives.

"Favorite teacher of mine"

Josh H.

Mr. Harvey is a favorite teacher of mine who has become a close friend through our lessons together. He is patient while he teaches but extremely knowledgeable. I am never worried that he will be upset with me for not remembering something and he is always willing to find a different way of looking at things to make it easier for me. I’ve learned a lot from him!


"His awareness […] makes him very valuable."

Dr. Duke T. 

I write this on behalf of Jeremy Harvey who was my student, and then after attaining his degree from Peabody Conservatory, he became a colleague as a teacher at Maryland Conservatory of Music. He taught and tutored students in theory, composition, scoring and music theory. Jeremy's thorough awareness of all three of these disciplines makes him very valuable. He not only knows these disciplines from the perspective of classical music, but also the perspective of those interested in jazz, pop music, and commercial music. He knows how to explain the details and general concepts of scoring, music theory, and composition. I can only speak very highly of Jeremy Harvey in these regards. 


"Very easy to work with."

Nathan H.

Jeremy came through with an amazing medley which was both rich and beautiful. It surpassed my expectations when he included a digital file that contained the music and vocals in audio form for me to hear what it would sound like. The music had a beautiful, complex intertwining of three songs which he made fit together in such a way I never expected, but love. Jeremy was very easy to work with and custom-made the arrangement to fit the vocal ranges of my wife and I. He delivers on his arrangements beautifully.


"Brings You Into an Alternate Environment"

Joe C.

Jeremy Harvey is a master at using Logic (digital audio workstation software) to score emotionally compelling themes and use his mixing skills to convey musical ideas with as much clarity as possible. With all these skills, his music brings you into an alternate environment and tells a story.