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Music takes flight

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     Ever since I was a small child, I’ve held a strong passion for commercial aviation. I’ve spent time studying the systems, procedures and machines that travelers utilize every day. Three years ago, I came across a YouTuber named V1-Simulations, a real-world airline captain who flies the Airbus A320 family for a major US carrier. V1, as he is known to the YouTube community, passionately applies his real-world experience to the world of flight simulation using a desktop flight simulator to give his audience an insider’s view into the world passengers don’t see. 


     When V1 began live-streaming his simulated flights, I noticed he was using the same stock music so many other YouTubers use. Realizing an opportunity to help him grow his channel and stand out from the crowd, I reached out to V1 and offered to create custom music and sounds for his channel. He graciously accepted my offer. 


     Over these three years, I’ve watched his channel grow to over 25,000 subscribers. Each time the channel reaches a significant milestone in its growth, V1 gives a virtual tour of the world, performing flights in various simulated aircraft on a different continent. His tours have taken his audiences across the United States, Europe, Asia, and most recently, South and Central America. For each tour, I composed a theme that draws inspiration from each locale. This album is a compilation of all past and present V1-Simulations themes as well as new music inspired by the channel. Full TO/GA ahead! 

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