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Music says what words can't say.

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Dreams of a Sleeping Maple

My friend, Jayden Newton priemeres his piece we wrote together, "Dreams of a Sleeping Maple."

Welcome to Jeremy Harvey Music! I'm a pianist, composer, arranger, and recording artist. My goal is always to lift, bless, and inspire others through my music. As one who has overcome many unique challenges in my life, I understand the importance of always turning outward rather than turning inward. 


I hope this site will help lift you—whether you are looking for music to listen to, sheet music and arrangements for your next performance, or whether you are looking for a producer to help you with your next big project—I always hope to serve you the best I can! Enjoy! 

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What Customers are Saying

"Never heard the song played in such an expressive way."

- Caroline S.

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